New rapid transit projects get provincial funding

Today, the Government of Alberta announced $162.6 million dollars of GreenTRIP fundingfor rapid public transit projects in Calgary. The money will allow Calgary to build four new cross... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with media - Sept. 4, 2015

Following the provincial funding announcement for rapid transit projects in Calgary, Mayor Nenshi spoke with media on a variety of topics including: Canada's response to the cu... Read More

Applying for a secondary suite made easier with permit exemption

On Sept.1 2015, The City of Calgary is launching an 18-month Development Permit that makes it less expensive, faster and easier for homeowners to develop a legal and safe secondary suite, com... Read More

Volunteer to help City Council make decisions

When Mayor Nenshi and his City Council colleagues sit down to make decisions in the Council Chamber and Committee rooms, they look for guidance from various City Boards, Commissi... Read More

Take a tour of the Mayor's Office

Enjoy tour of the Mayor's Office courtesy Mayor Naheed Nenshi himself! The Office of the Mayor is one of many spaces you can visit during Doors Open YYC (just in case you want to visit it i... Read More

Mayor's Office meetings: April 1 - June 30, 2015

As part of accountability at City Hall, external visitors (ie: not City of Calgary employees) that meet with either Mayor Nenshi or members of his staff must be publicly listed. ... Read More


Below are links to download and view the Mayor's Office budget and expenses for the year to date (ending June 30). January 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015 operating budget for the Office ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's statement on a new arena/fieldhouse proposal

The following is a statement from Mayor Naheed Nenshi regarding the "CalgaryNext" announcement made earlier today: Today, the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (the company that owns th... Read More

The making of a Neighbour Day block party

The following is cross-posted from the 3 Things for Calgary blog. You should really visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter page now to get inspired for your own 3 Things that will mak... Read More

What does it take to be a good neighbour?

Everyone appreciates living in a respectful community. What does being a good neighbour mean to you? Here are just a few ways you can be a good neighbour:  Only use power tools ... Read More