Telling the Calgary story: Mayor Nenshi on tour

Post Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's not exactly glamorous, but Mayor Nenshi is on an eastern tour to tell the Calgary story to business people, new grads, university faculty, and the media. Much of that trip is with Calgary Economic Development as part of the Calgary. Be Part of the Energy. campaign designed to interest business and people in our fair city. But that isn't all he's doing...

Here's a rundown of Mayor Nenshi's rather busy schedule over the next week. And for those of you in these cities, you might still be able to get tickets to some of these events.

Sunday, September, 18 (Ottawa)
Orientation for Newly-Elected Members of Parliament
Mayor Nenshi participated in a panel about the demographic challenges and opportunities facing various constituencies across Canada. In particular, he represented the interests of cities by explaining to new MPs the important role of cities in the nation and how good federal policy, such as a national transit strategy, is desperately needed.

Monday, September 19 (Calgary)
Oh... that's Council. Among other topics of the day, he also launched changes to make Calgary Transit better.

Tuesday, September 20 (Toronto)
Innovations and Best Practices in Public Consultation and Engagement Summit
Using a case study of Calgary's massive community consultation program (Our City. Our Budget. Our Future.) Mayor Nenshi will discuss how municipalities can use broad engagement to make better, citizen-driven decisions about our cities.

Diamond and Schmitt Architects Urban Futures Lecture
Mayor Nenshi is giving the inaugural Urban Futures lecture on the topic of "Building the Future City". Using Calgary's Garrison Woods and our East Village as examples, the mayor will talk about the leadership, cultural change, determination, and patience needed to create the cities in which we all want to live.

Wednesday, September 21 (Toronto)
Calgary. Be Part of the Energy - University of Toronto Breakfast
What makes Calgary a great city to build a career and make a life? Mayor Nenshi will be speaking to university faculty and student advisors to explain why Calgary's the place to be whether you're looking for vibrant community, active culture, or business success.

Calgary. Be Part of the Energy - Luncheon
Mayor Nenshi has been thinking about what makes great cities well before he wrote the book on the subject. Business-friendly, sustainable, vibrant, culturally-diverse, welcoming, and safe communities are the essence of great cities, and Calgary has all of that! Mayor Nenshi will be joined by a panel of Calgary business leaders to discuss that unique Calgary advantage.

Thursday, September 22 (Ottawa and Montreal)
Calgary. Be Part of the Energy - Breakfast
Mayor Nenshi's visit back to Ottawa, after being there just a few days prior) has him talking about Calgary in more specific business terms. Here's the description from the event:
According to Forbes Magazine, Calgary is the leading “world capital of the future,” and Mayor Naheed Nenshi is on a cross-Canada tour to invite Canadians from coast-to-coast to be part of the energy of Calgary. As mayor of one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, Naheed Nenshi and a panel of leading Calgary business people will discuss how Calgary is quickly developing into Canada’s international business city, and the opportunities this emerging cosmopolitan centre presents for businesses across the country.
The Montreal Council on Foreign Relations Politics Series presents Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi
"Calgary: Western Canadian Hub for Business"
After a mid-day train to Montreal and a brief meeting with Mayor Gerard Tremblay, Mayor Nenshi will be the dinner-time keynote speaker on what makes a great city (hint: a healthy business community with a history of welcoming entrepreneurs is critical). Once again, the mayor will be joined by Calgary business leaders for a panel on the unique business energy of Calgary.

Friday, September 23 (Halifax)
Calgary. Be Part of the Energy - Dalhousie University Breakfast
What makes Calgary a great city to build a career and make a life? Mayor Nenshi will be speaking to students and graduates to explain why Calgary's the place to be whether you're looking for vibrant community, active culture, or business success.

West Coast Meets East Coast - Luncheon
The last stop on the Be Part of the Energy tour has Mayor Nenshi hosting Haligonians at the Halifax club on the topic of great cities. Following his keynote speech, the mayor will participate in the Q&A with Calgary business leaders.

Saturday, September 24 (Toronto)
Connexion 2011: Unconventional Leaders in an Open World
This event, hosted by the Loran Alumni Association, brings together Loran scholars and leading thinkers to discuss leadership in a time of change. Mayor Nenshi's keynote presentation will address the conference's main theme by asking "what makes an unconventional leader?"

Throughout the tour, Mayor Nenshi will also be meeting with many local media to talk about a variety of topics including:
  • The state of business in Calgary
  • The Calgary arts scene
  • The relationship between cities and the federal government
He's already done a few interviews about his trip. Here's a story from the Globe and Mail.

- Daorcey from Mayor Nenshi's team