​ Online application process for subsidy programs now available

You can now apply online for City-subsidized programs from any computer, any time. The online Fair Entry application process makes it easier for low income Calgarians to access City services in... Read More

Donate to the 27th Annual Mayor's Christmas Food Drive

The 27th Annual Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive in support of the Calgary Food Bank is now on.  Over the last year, the Calgary Food Bank helped more than 150,000. Nearly... Read More

Bringing more fairness to Calgary with Fair Entry

With the collaboration of many City of Calgary departments and the advocacy of Mayor Nenshi (since before he was mayor!) and many other tireless community champions, The City of Calgary has launc... Read More

Speech: Poverty in Calgary--the problem, perspective, and opportunity

On March 5, 2015, Mayor Nenshi was a speaker at the 14th Soul of the City event hosted by Calgary Economic Development. The topic: poverty in Calgary. In this candid address, the mayor ch... Read More

Speech: Mayor Nenshi's welcoming and inclusive Calgary

On Thursday, December 11, 2014, Mayor Nenshi gave a "passionate speech about the tremendous city we live in" to hundreds of Calgary business-people. Hosted by the Calgary Chamber, the speech addres... Read More

A reason to dream; a Calgary without poverty

I am very proud of the work done by everyone involved in creating the Calgary Poverty Reduction Strategy. Over the past year, Cathy Williams and Steve Allan stewarded a process that involved many C... Read More