Mayor Nenshi's best advice

The World Economic Forum recently asked Mayor Nenshi (and four other leaders from around the globe) about the best piece of advice they ever received. Here's Mayor Nenshi's response:  ... Read More

Islamic History Month: An Interview with Naheed Nenshi

The following interview appeared on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights blog.  Not that long ago a friend of mine moved from Toronto to Calgary. Shortly before heading West, she twee... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's French interview on Hello-Bonjour

In this episode of Hello-Bonjour Alberta, a bilingual community television program, Mayor Nenshi speaks (in French and English) about a variety of topics including Calgary's Francophone community... Read More

Q&A with Wildwood School grade 6 students

From time to time, Mayor Nenshi sits down with CTV News' Tara Nelson to answer questions from Calgarians. In a special edition of this "Talk of the Town" series, Mayor Nenshi and Tara met with gr... Read More

Talking pipelines on This Hour Has 22 Minutes

On February 2, 2016, Mayor Nenshi had a bit of fun with the crew of This Hour Has 22 Minutes while talking about pipelines and getting Canadian resources to global markets. The video is definitel... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's 2015 Year-End interviews

As 2015 came to a close, Mayor Nenshi did some year-end interviews with local media. The interviews are wide-ranging with lots of time to give answers without having them clipped for ... Read More