Mayor Nenshi on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

I’m deeply troubled that work has been suspended on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. I have been arguing for years across this country, including in BC, that this federally-app... Read More

Council approves tax relief for businesses

"We're still in the midst of a fragile economic recovery, and making sure we build a better and more resilient economy is a major priority for me. As part of that, I'm very pleased that Council a... Read More

Mayor Nenshi and Mayor Darling reiterate support for Energy East Pipeline

While visiting Calgary, Saint John Mayor Don Darling joined with Mayor Naheed Nenshi to reaffirm their support for the Energy East Pipeline. Read More

Canada Infrastructure Bank: Calgary’s built for this

Mayor Nenshi wrote the following column for the Globe and Mail. It appeared on January 26, 2017. In announcing the Canada Infrastructure Bank, Ottawa has a historic opportunit... Read More

Canada 150: A morning with Mayor's Nenshi and Tory on the future of cities

As part of an economic development mission to Toronto, Mayor Nenshi joined with Toronto Mayor John Tory to discuss the economic, social, and sustainable futures of Canada's cities. Canada 150 is ... Read More

Speech: the power to change - leadership, community, and resiliency

On Saturday, May 29, 2016, Mayor Nenshi was a keynote speaker at Congress 2016, the annual national convention of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Above is part of his ... Read More