Fare compliance on Calgary Transit hits all-time high

Calgary Transit’s most recent annual fare compliance study shows more riders than ever are paying their way. The City of Calgary’s CTrain fare payment works on the honour system,... Read More

Mayor Nenshi proposes Community Economic Resiliency Fund

The following Notice of Motion will be presented by Mayor Nenshi to City Council on Monday, December 14. (UPDATE: This proposal was passed. You can watch Mayor Nenshi meet with media about it her... Read More

Calgary Transit launches four-car train service early

Calgary Transit is pleased to announce it is launching four-car CTrain service ahead of schedule, starting today. The successful three-week training period running two four-car train... Read More

Column: The Liberals promised an ambitious infrastructure plan. Now let’s hold them to it

The following column by Mayor Naheed Nenshi appears in the November 9, 2015 edition of the National Post. It feels odd to still be writing about the federal election, but now is the time to refl... Read More

Calgary Transit launches Customer Commitment

Today, Mayor Nenshi joined with Calgary Transit employees and Director Doug Morgan to launch the Customer Commitment. Long a priority for Mayor Nenshi, the customer commitment is a data-driven ap... Read More

New rapid transit projects get provincial funding

Today, the Government of Alberta announced $162.6 million dollars of GreenTRIP fundingfor rapid public transit projects in Calgary. The money will allow Calgary to build four new cross... Read More