New "Mask" 4-car CTrains start running

Today, The City of Calgary launched the new "mask" four-car trains into operation. These are amazing trains that will dramatically improve the comfort, accessibility, and reliability of our CTrai... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with media - May 16, 2016

Mayor Nenshi spoke with media on a break from Council about a number of topics including reimbursement of costs incurred by the City of Calgary related to the emergency efforts in Fort McMurray a... Read More

Joint statement regarding Southwest Transitway

Today, City Administration released an update report on the Southwest Transitway that will be discussed at the coming Transportation and Transit Standing Policy Committee meeting. The following is ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on bullying at SW Transitway open houses

During a recent open house to engage citizens about the future of the SW Transitway, a group of people people disrupted the event for all in attendance. This includes shouting and inappropriate la... Read More

Calgary's newest LRT line needs your input now

Take an active role in the design and evolution of the Green Line LRT Project! Join The City of Calgary at one of its February drop-in information sessions throughout the city to... Read More

Fare compliance on Calgary Transit hits all-time high

Calgary Transit’s most recent annual fare compliance study shows more riders than ever are paying their way. The City of Calgary’s CTrain fare payment works on the honour system,... Read More