Mayor Nenshi meets with journalists: March 7, 2017

Following a meeting of the Priorities and Finance Committee meeting, Mayor Nenshi met with journalists to discuss the state of The City of Calgary's finances (and how management has been ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with journalists: March 6, 2017

During a break of a special meeting of Council, Mayor Nenshi met with reporters to discuss how The City of Calgary is moving forward with important infrastructure projects in Calgary. Read More

Council caps tax increase to business

Today, Calgary City Council decided to use $45 million to cap property tax increases on non-residential (ie: business) properties. Following the decision in Council, Mayor Nenshi and representati... Read More

Looking forward to 2017

The City of Calgary recognizes that the economic downturn has affected all of us. Council’s approved 2017 budget adjustments include nearly $200 million in total benefits to citizens and ... Read More

Council approves budget, freezing tax rate

Friends, today is a big deal. I’m proud that your City Council unanimously approved the latest budget—effectively freezing the 2017 property tax rate for home-owners and businesses. ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi speaks with the media: Nov. 21, 2016

It's budget week at The City of Calgary. During a break in the first day of deliberations of mid-cycle budget adjustments, Mayor Nenshi met with media to discuss the budget in addition to a quest... Read More