Saddened by the passing of Rob Ford

Post Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rob Ford and I were elected one week apart in 2010. After that, the temptation to tie together our fates through our ups and downs was irresistible to some. But what I saw in Rob, above all, was a fierce love for his city and a driving desire to do better for people every single day.

Though I didn't know Rob well, I knew him as a passionate defender of everyday people who deserve a good life in their city. He fought hard, for example, for treating people in affordable housing with dignity, telling Canada's big city mayors simply that he had seen their homes, and they deserved better.

I exchanged messages with Doug Ford yesterday, and he asked me to share the family's thanks to the people of Alberta for the endless emails and cards, adding “we were shocked to see the amount of well wishers Rob has from across Alberta. I remember the trip Rob took out there and he absolutely fell in love with the people of Calgary and Edmonton."

Rest in peace, Rob. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. 

-Mayor Naheed Nenshi