Saddened at the passing of former Alderman Barb Scott

Post Date: Friday, March 21, 2014

I was very sad to hear about the passing of former Alderman Barb Scott. A member of the Order of Canada, Barb was one of Calgary’s longest-serving alderman--on Council for 24 years. She was elected to represent the citizens of Ward 8 in 1971 and was subsequently re-elected 7 times.

Her success in championing improved social conditions, better urban design, and cultural diversity helped shape many of the vibrant communities that now exist in our city. She was a pioneering urbanist and the communities she represented benefited from her vision and drive. Even after retirement, she continued building our city through acting as a citizenship judge and, in her later years, organizing community cafes in her neighbourhood.

I strongly believe that it is important we recognize great Calgarians when they are still with us, so it was an honour to name Calgary’s newest park in the Beltline ‘Barb Scott Park’. When she learned of the naming of the park, Barb said, “Achievements are only possible when many people work together toward a common aim. To have ‘Barb Scott Park’, in my mind, surpasses the Order of Canada, for while the Order dies with the member, this park will live on long after I am gone. But though this park bears my name alone, I share this honour with the residents and Council colleagues who continue to work hard on behalf of a community we care about so much.”

Although I knew of Barb and about her legacy for Calgary, I did not meet her until the 2010 municipal election. One of my happiest moments was to receive an unsolicited endorsement letter from her later in the campaign. She quickly became an important volunteer on the campaign, and her commitment to the citizens of Calgary was an important reminder that, together, we can make this city better.

Barb Scott was an inspiration to all of us. Her commitment, passion, and vision—her dedication to the citizens of Calgary—will continue to inspire us even after her passing.

I will miss her. We all will.

- Mayor Naheed Nenshi