New "Mask" 4-car CTrains start running

Post Date: Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Today, The City of Calgary launched the new "mask" four-car trains into operation. These are amazing trains that will dramatically improve the comfort, accessibility, and reliability of our CTrain system. Plus, they look pretty cool with a design that was chosen by Calgarians.

Here are some of the features of the new trains:
  • Heated floors for winter
  • Air conditioning for summer
  • More comfortable seating, roomier cars including leaning pad in articulated area
  • Vehicle front doors have been moved back to improve passenger flow
  • Visible door lighting: green lights for doors open and red for doors closed
  • Fully accessible entryway with sloped floors – no more ramps. All doors are wheelchair accessible. Doors have been moved back to improve passenger flow
  • New Passenger Interface Unit improves passenger communication with the driver and has added braille and visible displays for passengers with disabilities
  • Glassed in operator’s compartment allows the driver to see pedestrians more clearly and enhances passenger view
  • Onboard infotainment: digital monitors with route information and news updates
  • Double the number of interior speakers to provide more even sound coverage for announcements and reduce the effects of “loud spots”
  • 4-sided destination signs for better customer information while on the platform
  • Improved camera coverage: full camera coverage of the car inside and out
  • High resolution cameras inside and out that provide 20/20 vision halfway down the train
  • The wide open concept allows for better security as peace officers can see from one train to the other
  • LED lighting