Media Statement: Province delays $15 registry search fee

Post Date: Friday, August 26, 2011
Today, Service Alberta Minister Heather Klimchuk informed me that the Government of Alberta has decided to suspend the implementation of the $15 transaction fee for municipal registry database searches. Rather than start charging Calgary and its police service the fee starting on September 1, 2011, the government will consider the fee as part of the future budget review.

This delay is good news. But it does not go far enough.

As I've said many times before, this fee is poorly-considered and makes very little sense. If imposed as planned, the only result of the fee would be a greater burden on taxpayers and significant budgetary stress to the Calgary Police Service. Naturally, that was unacceptable, and I've strongly advocated this point with both Minister Kimchuck and Premier Stelmach.

I am heartened that the Premier, the Minister and Cabinet have responded to the serious concerns from so many communities and organizations across the province. And while the delay is helpful for municipalities and taxpayers, the real solution is to not impose the fee at all.

I look forward to future discussions with the Government of Alberta about this topic.

- Mayor Naheed Nenshi