Mayor Nenshi's statement on the provincial budget

Post Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today, the Government of Alberta released its new budget. Below is a statement from Mayor Naheed Nenshi about how this budget affects The City of Calgary and Calgarians.

There are no real surprises in this budget since much of it has been hinted at through election promises and recent announcements. We are, of course, pleased at the significant increases in infrastructure funding and we look forward to working with the government to advance important capital projects for Calgarians. This budget will have little impact on The City’s operating funding although we are pleased with the increase to Family and Community Support Services. We remain disappointed that there is little in this budget with respect to affordable housing—which is a provincial responsibility—but we hope this will be addressed in the March 2016 budget.

In addition to specific projects in Calgary such the Cancer Centre, the ring road, and (of course) the recently announced flood mitigation projects, it is good to see the government adding $4.4 billion in new money for infrastructure in Alberta. In November, City Council will consider capital budget revisions to advance shovel-ready projects that can access this funding. While the Green Line LRT project is not specifically mentioned in this budget, there is nothing in this budget that precludes it, and we will continue discussions with the province about how they will participate in the project.

We are also pleased the government has reaffirmed its commitment to the Municipal Government Act review and City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton. We will continue to work closely with the province to finalize this important work. Furthermore, we are intrigued by the language in the budget around regional planning and cooperation. A new fund for regional transit is evidence of progress in this area.