Mayor Nenshi signs sister region agreement with Honduran mayors

Post Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Mayor and VIPs signing the agreementOn Friday, March 25th, Mayor Nenshi his colleagues on the Calgary Regional Partnership (a collection of the all the nearby municipalities) signed a historic agreement with a similar group of municipalities from the Republic of Honduras. The Twin Region agreement with the Sula Valley Metropolitan Zone (Zona Metropolitana Del Valle de Sula) is all about strengthening cultural ties and encouraging technical exchanges.

We're now effectively “sister regions”.

Sadly, the relationship does not mean the sharing of weather.

Participants in the signing included:
  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary
  • Truper McBride, Mayor of Cochrane and Chair of the CRP
  • Colleen Shepherd, Executive Director of the CRP
  • Patricia Matthews, Mayor of Chestermere
  • Bill Robertson, Mayor of Okotoks
  • Allan Ramos, Mayor of Puerto Cortez and President of the ZMVS
  • Mauricio Fuentes, Mayor of Morazan
  • Walter Perdomo, Mayor of Villanueva
  • Gabriela Núñez de Reyes, Finance Minister of the Republic Honduras

Gift to delegates from Calgary

- Daorcey from Mayor Nenshi's team