Mayor Nenshi proclaims Seniors' Week in Calgary

Post Date: Friday, May 29, 2015

A note from Mayor Naheed Nenshi about Seniors' Week (June 1-7) in Calgary:

Next week is Seniors' Week in Calgary, and The City and many other organizations are celebrating with events throughout the week. I am proud to officially proclaim this week as a time to honour and celebrate the achievements that our senior citizens have made (and continue to make!) to our community. You can view my proclamation here and learn more about Seniors' Week and related events here.

And I should add (although it should go without saying) we shouldn't just honour our senior citizens just one week of the year. They are our friends, family, and neighbours--they play critical roles in our community. I'm proud of the seniors services my colleagues at The City of Calgary offer every day, and our senior citizens are always an important consideration as we continue to build a city of opportunity for everyone.