Donate to the Mayor's Christmas Food Drive

Post Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The 28th Annual Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive in support of the Calgary Food Bank is now on so you can DONATE NOW!

Last year, we raised more than $780,000 in food and funds. The need is even great this year, so please donate all you can so we can raise even more.

Over the past year, the Calgary Food Bank distributed enough food to make 9,786 meals every day of the year. Of all the people using the Food Bank last year, a third of them were laid off and looking for work, a third were on fixed government benefits, and four in 10 were children. During this economic downturn, we know that food bank use in Alberta has increased more than anywhere else in Canada.

Now--more than ever--the food bank needs your help, and you can support them by donating during the Mayor's Christmas Food drive.

Please join Mayor Nenshi and the food drive's many partners in beating that amount this year. You can make a physical donation at your local Safeway, your child's school, or any one of the food drive partne1rs' offices. Click here to learn about the Calgary Food Bank's wish list this year.

Or you can multiply your donation by making a cash donation online

Together, we can make sure that our community is hunger-free.