Council News in Brief - Feb. 8/9, 2016

Post Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Combined Meeting of Council

Land Use Items:
Highlights included:

Kensington Legion Redevelopment
Council unanimously approved a proposed to redesignate a parcel of land on Kensington Road between 18th and 19th Street NW to accommodate redevelopment of the Kensington Legion. This redesignation will allow for redevelopment of the site to a vibrant, pedestrian oriented mixed-use (residential, retail and office) node within the established community.

Forest Lawn Land Use Amendment
Council approved an application to redesignate a parcel of land on 50th Street and 23 Avenue SE to accommodate the additional use of Custodial Care. The John Howard Society will move Bedford House, a halfway house, from Victoria Park to Forest Lawn. This site will be used as a temporary facility while the group continues to raise funds for a permanent facility in Manchester. City council also approved the temporary rezoning of an emergency homeless shelter for this site. In the past it has been used by the City as an overflow facility for the homeless.

Consent Agenda: 
Century Gardens Redevelopment Plan
Council approved the Century Gardens Preferred Concept Plan. The planned improvements will optimize visitor experience through addressing the lifecycle and safety concerns, preserving and enhancing the park’s historical significance and re-imagining the space as a multi-use site. The redevelopment plan was created through stakeholder engagement, a review of the park’s current state and utilization patterns, and an exploration into the park’s history.

Stanley Park Redevelopment Plan
Council approved the Stanley Park Redevelopment Plan. The plan was created through a public engagement process and is intended to guide future redevelopment of the park. The focus of the redevelopment plan is to optimize the visitor experience and recreational opportunities in the park, while minimizing negative impacts to the park’s sensitive ecosystems along the Elbow River.