Council News in Brief - Feb. 23, 2015

Post Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Council News in Brief - Pilot
Regular Meeting of Council
February 23, 2015

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Funding Recommendations (item 6.1)
Council approved the 2015-2017 Family & Community Support Services funding allocations of $18 million. FCSS is a joint municipal/provincial program, administered by Community & Neighbourhood Services, that provides funding to non-profit organizations for the delivery of preventative social services. Along with the funding approval Council agreed that Mayor Nenshi would correspond directly with the Minister of Human Services and the Premier to request continued support and to consider an increase in FCSS funding in view of current economic circumstances.

Environmental Open Space Policies Progress Report (item 6.2)
Council received the Environmental Open Spaces Policies progress report. One of the main purposes of the report is to ensure that there is a consistent ruling on all Environmental Open Space policies, including wetlands and stream courses. Administration is working with the Alberta government to develop consistent guidelines and will ensure that all stakeholders are brought to the table on the work program, including developers, the Urban Development Institute, the legal community and community groups. Council directed Administration to report back to Committee with a project status update in October 2015 and to report back to Council on the work program no later than March 2016.

Business Bylaw Housekeeping Amendments (item 8.1.1)
Council approved several housekeeping amendments to the Business Licence Bylaw in order to improve clarity, correct inconsistencies and eliminate discrepancies within the bylaw.

St. Louis Hotel Property Bylaw (item 8.2.1)
Council approved bylaw updates in order to allow for the St. Louis Hotel property to remain a Municipal Historic Resource while releasing the adjacent vacant lands that were formerly part of the property.

Supplementary Property Assessment and Tax Bylaws (item 8.3.1)
The 2015 Supplementary Property Assessment and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaws provide The City with the authority to prepare supplementary assessments to record the increase in value for properties that became occupied or completed improvements in the current tax year. The 2015 Supplementary Property Assessment and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaws are very similar to the Bylaws presented to Council in 2014 with changes to reflect the 2015 dates. These minor wording amendments were approved by Council.

Public Art Funding – Councillor Notice of Motion (item 9.1.1)
A Notice of Motion was brought forward to Council to re-consider the recently approved budget in order to temporarily suspend Public Art funding. The motion was rejected by Council. Administration will continue undertaking its commitments to the strategies under the report entitled Leading Calgary Through Economic Change.

Acadia Tennis Centre (Notice of Motion - Verbal)
Council agreed to refer a Notice of Motion regarding the Acadia Tennis Centre to the Mayor’s Office in order to further explore options with the applicant. The Mayor’s Office will report back at Council’s next meeting.

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