Council News in Brief - April 13, 2015

Post Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Council News in Brief
Combined Meeting of Council

April 13, 2015

Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee Annual Report

Council received the first annual progress report on the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee’s (CAUAC) 10-Year Strategic Plan. The report outlines achievements from 2014 March to 2015 February that advance the objectives in CAUAC’s Strategic Plan and seeks direction to develop a Council policy on Aboriginal issues. Council approved Administration’s recommendations for CAUAC to develop an Aboriginal Policy Framework and to bring the framework back to the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Community and Protective Services (CPS) no later than 2017 April.

City of Calgary Prostitution Response Framework Update

Council received a report analyzing Bill C-36 and related municipal impacts. The report provides an overview of the current state of prostitution since the enactment of the Bill along with an update on the implementation of The City of Calgary Prostitution Response Framework. Council approved Administration’s recommendation to dissolve the City of Calgary prostitution steering and working committees with their mandate now complete and for Administration and community agencies involved to continue the implementation of the Prostitution Response Framework.

Land Use Items and Secondary Suites

All land use items were approved including secondary suites in the communities of Bowness, Canyon Meadows, Lakeview, Christie Park and Forest Lawn.

2015 Property Tax Related Bylaws

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires The City to approve a property tax bylaw annually. Although the percentages are estimated when budgets are deliberated each fall, the final percentages can only be determined once the provincial government issues its property tax requisition each spring. Council approved Administration’s recommendation to set the combined 2015 property tax rate increase at 4.2% for residential and 5.4% for non-residential properties. The 2015-2018 Action Plan that was approved last fall allowed for a 4.5% increase to residential property taxes, however, the variance in the provincial requisition allowed $3 million in residential property tax room that will be used to lower the combined tax rate increase for residential properties to 4.2%.

Proposed 2015 Special Tax Bylaw – Enhanced Level of Boulevard Maintenance

Council approved a report which proposes a 2015 special tax bylaw to provide a self-funded mechanism for communities that desire an enhanced level of boulevard maintenance around streets and parks. Maintenance services include mowing and trimming; tree well and shrub bed maintenance; perennial and annual flowers; litter control; and snow removal. A number of communities participate in the levy process annually.

Residential Traffic Enforcement (Councillor Notice of Motion)

Council referred a Notice of Motion that proposed analysis be done to utilize Peace Officers to enforce traffic violations in residential areas. Council directed that the proposal be brought to Calgary Police Commission for further evaluation.

Council Seating (Councillor Notice of Motion)

Council rejected a Notice of Motion that proposed Council seating be changed every two years to allow for increased networking opportunities. A Councillor may still switch seats at any time if another Member of Council agrees to trade spots.


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