Committee News in Brief - Jan. 20, 2016

Post Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016

Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit

Transportation Funding Mechanisms Study – Referral Report

The process of including public engagement of potential transportation capital infrastructure funding mechanisms under a multi-departmental engagement program is consistent with Build Calgary’s approach to alignment of all of the processes related to capital infrastructure investment. Reporting separately is no longer optimal or efficient. Accordingly, Administration is proposing not to report on transportation funding mechanisms separately and to instead refer the reporting on infrastructure funding to the reporting on related Build Calgary initiatives. This was passed.

Crowchild Trail Study – Project Update
Phase 3 of 6 of this study launched in late-October 2015, with the objective to gather ideas, concepts, and options for short-, medium-, and long-term changes to Crowchild Trail. Throughout October and November 2015, the project team engaged Calgarians through a series of workshops, drop-in sessions, sounding boards, and online engagement to solicit ideas for Crowchild Trail. The project team also worked with participants to explore the benefits, constraints, trade-offs, and implications of ideas brought forward. The project team has collected over 500 ideas under review by the project team. Throughout February and March 2016, Calgarians will have an opportunity to learn more about the ideas, build on the ideas and concepts developed to date, and options that may not move forward for further consideration. The Committee received this report for information and will report no later than July, 2016.

Pedestrian Strategy Final Report
The Transportation Department has developed a city-wide Pedestrian Strategy STEP FORWARD (Attachment 1), an action plan for reducing pedestrian casualties and increasing walking in Calgary. We want Calgarians to walk more by making it safer, more enjoyable, and more viable as a transportation option. As the most environmentally and economically sustainable form of transportation, walking supports the strategic objectives of Council. Committee recommended that Administration report back on the progress of this report no later an January, 2018 and also to include the capital and operating costs to deliver the medium-term strategy actions during the development of the next budget business cycle.

Full details of the amendments can be found via the minutes here.

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