Committee News in Brief - Jan. 15, 2016

Post Date: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services

Amendments to various bylaws – Community Services Department
The SPC recommends that Council give three readings to the proposed bylaw to amend various bylaws for the re-named Community Services department. The Community Services & Protective Services (CS&PS) Department is transitioning to its future state to be more accountable, focus on community and commit to the ‘One City, One Voice’ corporate direction. To achieve this, the department is also enhancing its culture, processes and organizational structure, as well as transitioning to a new department name — the Community Services department — and new business unit names. The changes come into effect on February 1, 2016 and amendments to a number of bylaws are required to ensure business continuity.

Century gardens redevelopment plan
Council received the Century Gardens Redevelopment Plan for information and approved the Preferred Concept Plan. Century Gardens has functioned as an urban plaza in Calgary’s core for over 30 years, and is listed on The City’s Inventory of Historic Resources. Park assets are nearing the end of their lifecycle and the proposed improvements will re-imagine the space as a multi-use site while ensuring historic preservation. The redevelopment plan incorporated stakeholder engagement, a review of the park’s current state and utilization patterns, and an exploration into the park’s history. Funding for this project was previously approved.

Clearwater Park Development plan
The report was referred back to Administration to provide a status-update on the Clearwater Development Plan to SPC on CPS by June 2016. The City acquired the Clearwater Park site in 1979 through a donation of lands, which are currently outside City boundaries. The Clearwater Park Development Plan was created through an engagement process to guide future development. The main objectives of the preliminary design were to enhance existing utilization, protect and enhance the natural environment along the Elbow River, and provide an environmental education component.

Stanley Park Redevelopment Plan
Council received the Stanley Park Redevelopment Plan for information and approved the Preferred Concept Plan. The Redevelopment Plan was created through a public engagement process and will enhance the visitor experience and recreational opportunities, while minimizing negative impacts to the park’s sensitive ecosystems along the Elbow River. The Preferred Concept Plan outlines lifecycle and maintenance requirements along with the proposed upgrades. Funding is not approved for the detailed design and construction phases of the project. These phases of the project are listed on the Culture, Parks and Recreation Infrastructure Investment Plan and can be started once funding is secured.

2016 Calgary Combative Sports Commission Budget
Council received the 2016 Calgary Combative Sports Commission Budget report for information. As required by Bylaw 53M2006, the Calgary Combative Sports Commission (CCSC) and Administration are providing Council with the 2016 updated work plan and the 2016 budget. The annual report for CCSC will be presented in May of each year, with a work plan and projected budget for the upcoming year will be provided to Council in September.

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