Committee News in Brief - Feb. 3, 2016

Post Date: Thursday, February 04, 2016

Community and Protective Services Committee

Urgent Business – Overview of Community Services organizational framework

Administration provided an update on the Community Services Organizational Framework and changes to the Community Services department (formerly Community Services & Protective Services). This includes new department and business unit names, and a new structure that encourages collaboration and teamwork between business units to better serve community needs. The Committee recommended that Council accept this item for information.

E-cigarette exemption update
Amendments to The City of Calgary Smoking Bylaw approved in 2015 June gave enclosed vape shops an exemption to allow sampling of e-cigarette products inside their premises. Per Council direction, Administration reviewed and monitored the implications of the exemption. It found widespread compliance with rules to prevent minors from entering vape shops, and no concerns about the exemption from adjacent businesses. Administration concluded that no further changes to the bylaw are required at this time. The Committee recommended that Council receive the report for information.

The future of community-building scoping study
Administration presented a scoping study to identify how it would evaluate the efficacy of community associations (CAs) and residents’ associations (RAs) as vehicles in building and representing communities. Under the proposal, The City would examine policies, practices and role in supporting these organizations and consult key stakeholders to identify and clarify appropriate roles and relationships for CAs and RAs.

The Committee recommended that Council refer this report and recommendation to Administration to report back no later than 2016 June 01 with terms of reference for a steering committee, an engagement plan and any implications for the work plan and timeline, with consideration given to the discussion and input provide at the 2016 February 03 Committee meeting.

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