Committee news in brief - Feb. 17, 2015

Post Date: Thursday, February 19, 2015
Council News in Brief - Pilot
Priorities & Finance Committee Meeting
2015 February 17

Status of Outstanding Motions and Directions, (Item 3.1)
The Priorities and Finance Committee received the Status of Outstanding Motions and Directions report for information. This report tracks outstanding motions and directions from the Priorities and Finance Committee to Administration and assists the Committee in proactively tracking and managing its work.

In response to the report, one question was raised about the Eamon’s Building Utilization since the deadline has now passed and there has been no interest in the building. Previously, Committee/Council had directed Administration to develop a new strategy (potentially including sale or demolition) of the Eamon’s building, if there is no interest in leasing the building in accordance with the special terms and conditions of the lease, from parties after 2015 February 01. Administration will now report back to the Priorities and Finance Committee in March 2015 on options.

Unified List of Unfunded Capital Requirements (Item 3.2)
In response to Council’s request for a unified unfunded capital list based on Council’s strategic priorities in the 2015-2018 business plans, Administration presented a list of capital funding requirements focusing on the top five priorities for each Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) along with Police projects.

Currently, funded capital projects result first from allocation of available funding across departments. Funding is allocated across departments on the basis of grant restrictions, regulatory requirements and Council priorities. Each department then allocates their funding to projects through their Council approved Infrastructure Investment Plans, which are prioritized by the individual departments. IIP lists have been presented to Council for:

  • Corporate Level (CLIIP);
  • Culture, Parks and Recreation (CPRIIP);
  • Emergency Response (ERIIP);
  • Transportation (TIIP);
  • Police;
  • Water (WIIP); and
  • Waste & Recycling (WRIIP).

The total value of unfunded capital projects identified in Action Plan 2015-2018 is $414 million in 2015, $474 million in 2016, $453 million in 2017, and $441 million in 2018. Note: the list is based on data prepared for Action Plan, so it may not fully represent the most current information available.

The purpose of having a unified unfunded capital list is to give Council a view of the top priority projects in the event that new money becomes available. However, if and when new funding comes available, consideration would first need to be given to any restrictions on funding before priorities could be determined. Other factors, such as the timing and readiness of projects, operating impacts of capital, and benefits to the economy in terms of the number of short term and long term jobs created, would also need to be taken into consideration in determining the overall priorities. The bottom line is that, if new money does come available, further work would be required in order to prioritize the list.

A number of questions were asked about the list and various projects. Committee members indicated that they were pleased to have received such a list for further discussion and debate.

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