Committee News in Brief - April 29, 2015

Post Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Standing Policy Committee on Utilities and Corporate Services 
April 29, 2015

2014 Corporate Environment, Health & Safety Annual Report
Administration presented the 2014 Corporate Environment, Health and Safety Annual report, summarizing The City of Calgary’s environmental and occupational health and safety performance, including audit results. The committee received the report for information.

Update on 80/20 By 2020 Waste Diversion Goal
Administration presented an update on its progress toward the 80/20 by 2020 Strategy (UE2007-35), which was approved in 2007 and declared a goal of diverting waste going to The City of Calgary landfills by 80 per cent by the year 2020. Administration outlined the initiatives and activities across all the waste sectors as The City continues to work toward zero waste. The committee received the report for information.

Absence Reporting
Administration presented a report on current City employee absenteeism statistics and trends benchmarked against similar organizations, as well as information on the safety, health and wellness, and disability management strategies that contribute to a healthy, productive workplace. The committee approved the report recommendations:

1. Receive the report for information to address part 1 of the Motion Arising with respect to Report C2014-0863; and

2. Direct Administration to continue reporting the current performance measures related to employee absences through regular reporting mechanisms, including mid-year and year end reports and to apply a results-based accountability approach to employee absence performance measures to address part 2 of the Motion Arising with respect to Report C2014-0863.

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