City of Calgary launches for provincial election

Post Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

With the announcement of a provincial election on April 23, The City of Calgary officially launched—an online survey of political party policies on municipal issues. Mayor Naheed Nenshi, on behalf of City Council, distributed a survey addressing 10 questions about the relationship between large cities and the provincial government.

“It’s our responsibility as Albertans living in cities to ensure the issues that affect our daily lives are also critical issues during this election,” said Mayor Nenshi. “Supporting front-line services, eliminating homelessness and poverty, fixing the fiscal imbalance, and creating a sustainable transportation strategy with cities are just a few of the topics that all-too-often fall off the political radar.”

The survey was distributed to the five political parties with representatives sitting in the Alberta Legislature: Wild Rose Party, Progressive Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, Liberal Party, and Alberta Party. The deadline for responding to the survey is 5pm on April 9, 2012. Responses will be posted on after that date.

“Cities matter, so let’s make our voices are heard by those who will govern our province,” said Mayor Nenshi. “Elections are important moments where every one of us has a say in our political future and, in this case, the future of our cities.”

Citizens can view the survey at