Mayor Nenshi answers citizen questions for 2014 World Mayor Prize

On February 2, 2015 Mayor Naheed Nenshi was named the winner of the 2014 World Mayor Prize awarded by the City Mayors Foundation. When the top 3 mayors from around the world were selected, City May... Read More

Speech: Mayor Nenshi with the Calgary Rotary Club

On March 17, 2015, Mayor Naheed Nenshi spoke to Rotarians on a variety of topics including the state of municipal politics and important shared issues between Calgary and the provincial a... Read More

A quick guide to The City budget

What? You don't have time to read all 1,137 pages of The City’s four-year Action Plan? Don’t worry! The City of Calgary created a Citizen Summary of Action Plan just for you! Find out what The City... Read More

Speech: Poverty in Calgary--the problem, perspective, and opportunity

On March 5, 2015, Mayor Nenshi was a speaker at the 14th Soul of the City event hosted by Calgary Economic Development. The topic: poverty in Calgary. In this candid address, the mayor ch... Read More

Media scrum - March 9, 2015

Today, Mayor Naheed Nenshi met with media during the lunch break of a regular meeting of City Council. Topics included: Six-storey wood building construction A review of job openings... Read More

Council News in Brief - March 6, 2015

Council News in Brief - PilotStrategic Meeting of Council - Link to agendaMarch 6, 2015 BUILD CALGARY UPDATE Build Calgary’s mandate was recently rolled out to City of Calgary staff, membe... Read More