$14,675,355 (and counting) saved by Cut Red Tape program

Post Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yesterday, Mayor Naheed Nenshi joined with business advocates and employees to celebrate the continued success of the Cut Red Tape program. Started not long after he first became mayor, the program was run out of Mayor Nenshi's office with budget of next-to-nothing. Since that time, citizens, city employees, and business owners have suggested hundreds of ways to cut red tape at The City of Calgary.
In just a few years, the program has encouraged more efficiency, better citizen-focused service, and a reduction in unnecessary processes through 45 Cut Red Tape projects.  

One of the most important parts of the project is that it can be measured. To date, $14,675,355 have been saved for both The City of Calgary and citizens (mostly citizens!). The project is currently being moved from The Office of the Mayor to live within the Deputy City Manager's office. The goal of this next phase of the Cut Red Tape program is to make eliminating red tape (or stopping it before it happens) part of the daily activity of City staff. Over the past years, City of Calgary employees have shown an excitement and willingness to do exactly that, so the change will not be difficult. 

To learn more about the Cut Red Tape program, how red tape has been cut, and how it is measured, please visit www.CutRedTape.ca.