Mayor Nenshi's analysis of Cities Matter responses is now live with responses from the major national parties. The above was Mayor Nenshi's news conference with his analysis of some of the responses. Although he touc... Read More

Cities Matter. Does your federal candidate know?

Fellow Calgarians and Canadians. Today, we have relaunched! Over the past four years, we have used this platform to ask our provincial elected officials importa... Read More

Council News in Brief - Oct. 5, 2015

Combined Meeting of Council  Land Use Items: All land use items reviewed by Council were approved except those referred or tabled below: Eau Claire Development - 2 Ave. ... Read More

Citizen Dashboard lets Calgarians know The City is doing to make life better for everyone

Mayor Nenshi has long campaigned for regular reports of good data about how The City of Calgary is serving Calgarians. Calgary Transit has recently started doing this with its Customer Commit... Read More

Committee News in Brief - Sept. 30, 2015

Community and Protective Services Committee  Investing in Community Infrastructure The Committee recommended that Council direct Administration to utilize the proposed Community Invest... Read More

Council News in Brief - Sept. 28, 2015

Regular Meeting of Council 2016 Resilience Budget Council unanimously approved Administration's proposed 2016 operating budget, reducing the tax rate increase for 2016 by 1.2% to 3.5%. This tr... Read More