Mayor Nenshi on the launch of Uber

During a media Q&A on other issues, Mayor Nenshi was asked about the launch of Uber in the Calgary market.  Read More

Mayor Nenshi speaks about public hearing on Chinatown development

Over the course of two days, Mayor Nenshi spoke with reporters about an ongoing public hearing about a Chinatown development and an area redevelopment plan (ARP).  Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with the media: Dec. 5, 2016

During a break in a meeting of City Council, Mayor Nenshi met with media to discuss his Grey Cup and Vanier Cup bets, secondary suites, and the Chinatown public hearing (en francais).  Read More

Mayor Nenshi pays his football bets

  As per Mayor Nenshi's bets with the mayors of Ottawa and Quebec City over the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup, his must read a poem of their writing or choosing at Council (while wearing their w... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with the media: Dec. 3, 2016

Following a meeting of the Inter-Governmental Affairs committee of Council, Mayor Nenshi spoke with media about a proposal in Chinatown that is coming to the next City Council meeting and Ci... Read More

Donate to the Mayor's Christmas Food Drive

The 28th Annual Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive in support of the Calgary Food Bank is now on so you can DONATE NOW! Last year, we raised more than $780,000 in food and funds. T... Read More