Premier, Edmonton Mayor, and Mayor Nenshi sign Framework Agreement for Charters

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, Premier Jim Prentice and Mayor Nenshi. Photo by Lyle Aspinal, Calgary Sun (via Twitter)This afternoon, I was pleased to join with Premier Jim Prentice and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson to sign a "Framework Agreement For Charters" between our orders of government. City charters for Alberta's big cities is something we've been working on for some time, and this framework is an important step toward achieving this important legislative change. A charter makes it easier for our cities to serve our citizens with the services they need the most and it will definitely improve the lives of Calgarians and Edmontonians. I look forward to working with the Premier and Minister Diana McQueen to redefine the relationship between the province and our two biggest cities.

Click here to view the "framework agreement".

- Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Action Plan is The City's budget, and it needs your feedback

Today, The City of Calgary released its four-year business plan and budget--Action Plan. Unlike other orders of government, there are no surprises in this $22 billion plan. It was created starting with the input of citizens and public direction from City Council. Now that we have this comprehensive budget, we are looking for your feedback on it (by phone, online, or in person). And, in the coming weeks, City Council will debate, line by line, the Action Plan that will guide our municipality for the next four years. It's important stuff, so I hope you have an opportunity to check it out.

Here's my letter that appears in the beginning of Action Plan...

Fellow Calgarians:

Business plans and budgets are some of the most important documents we can create for our city. They provide a detailed roadmap for Calgary over the next four years—direction to over 15,000 City of Calgary employees and many community partners to deliver important daily services, programs, and infrastructure to 1,195,200 Calgarians. 

This is your document. Action Plan is based on a month of engagement, and discussion with thousands of Calgarians. You told us about your priorities and Council, in turn, based its priorities on what we heard from you. From there, our colleagues in The City of Calgary produced a very thorough set of business plans and budgets.

Our biggest issue is managing growth. This is certainly better than the alternative, but it means we have to make smart decisions about how we grow to ensure prosperit